Tina is one of the most dedicated and driven people I have ever been associated. Her commitment to accuracy, integrity, professionalism and proven business practices far exceeds what is generally available. Any individual or business of any size would benefit from her vast knowledge, relentless drive for perfection and unwavering values.

Robert TuckerCompliance Production Manager
Dallas Cowboys Merchandising, Ltd.


Tina Gray is an experienced, versatile and accomplished business advisor. When an advisor comes into your organization, you want them to blend well with your team, provide key support and insight to the day to day processes and seek out opportunities for improvement. Tina Gray has this unique ability.
We were able to find several areas where savings could be made and also put in place improved analysis and organization of our marketing and sales data. What more could a business owner ask for? I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to save money and keep their organization on
the path to success.

Tomima EdmarkPresident


Tina Gray is a great leader and has an amazing ability to build key relationships with organizations and with clients. She possesses a great knowledge of accounting and is quite skilled at improving processes. Any organization would be lucky to have her working with their team.

Jay JeffersSr. Financial Systems Analyst
Dave & Busters


I have known and worked with Tina Gray at Tag Pro Resources for many years.Tina and her team have always brought great value to our processes, our procedures and to our company as a whole.They have saved us countless hours of work with QuickBooks and helped us successfully work through numerous accounting issues.Tina Gray has also been instrumental in keeping our IRS tax filings current, up to date,in compliance and on course!We consider Tina and Tag Pro Resources an invaluable resource and a vital part of our team.

Ken RosePresident
Magnolia Property Management


Tina Gray is a true professional in every sense. She has expert knowledge in accounting, with a very broad base of skills and experience. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any business, or individual, for their professional services. Her handson approach and excellent communication skills make her a valued asset to any business.

Tambra DearbornTax Specialist


We were looking for a company that could take our accounting function to the next level. TAG Pro Resources has customized our accounting software to meet our needs as a consulting firm. In addition, we have seen an overall improvement in our internal accounting processes.
We feel with their support, our financial risks are minimized and we have a solid foundation to support continued growth. We are now able to focus more of our time on achieving our clients’ success.

Brian P. SmithPresident
Geavista Group, Inc.


For me, two key traits that separate great business advisors from ‘mere’ business consultants are organizational skills and effective communication. People who I would consider to be great advisors are the ones who pay attention to the details. They are always planning ahead without neglecting the current issues at hand. Nothing is ever a “surprise” to them, and they are always wellprepared however, none of this ever gets in the way of their excellent presentation skills. Indeed, great advisors, in addition to possessing organizational skills and being effective communicators, find ways for these two attributes to always complement each other.Tina Gray is one of those great business advisors!

Jack SchnellController/CFO
Ambrado, Inc.


With all of the activity required to start up my new business, I simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to my accounting. TAG Pro Resources was able to setup my QuickBooks accounting software, create a customized chart of accounts specific to my industry and quickly and efficiently catch up several months’ worth of transactions. They thought of several things that I would not have considered. The great work they did allowed me to see where I am to date from a financial perspective and also preserved my time for the marketing activities that will lead to a strong list of future clients.

Michael N. GishPresident
Precision Business Advisory, Inc.